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Our vision at the Children’s ministry is to lead Children into a growing relationship with Christ. At a young age, kids are able to learn about who Jesus is, the gifts and fruits of the ministry and how they can use them to change the world around them, so they may grow up with an everlasting sense of hope, love, and generosity.

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On the last Saturday of each month, the men gather for a time of prayer for the mission, the church, marriages, children, salvation of souls and the community. The men's retreat is an annual even offering great fellowship, solid preaching on men's issues and fun activities. It is a highlight for many of our men who are challenged by God's Word to be men who pleases God in all areas.


TOG Music Ministry strive to establish an atmosphere that is conducive to worship, thus enabling the presence of God to move freely among the congregation so that each person in attendance will experience Christ on a personal level. Our primary mission is to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ and prepare the hearts of people to receive the undiluted Word of God.

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Our youth and young adults' program is a safe place for you to grow stronger in your faith, make new friends, learn what makes you special in the eyes of God. We teach them about God's love and make them to understand the great price that Jesus paid for their salvation. We help them to see where God's value conflicts with worldly values and we provide real life experience for them to love other people.


Delightful Women Ministry seeks to strengthen and empower women to fulfil their God given potentials, build godly homes and to nurture the next generation for Christ. Through their unbreakable faith in Jesus, they seek to live a life that inspires others.

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